Engineering Specifications

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Manufactured in eight styles. Sizes from 3/8" through 24" pipe size in steel, and 3/8" to 4" in aluminum and stainless steel. The basic components of T M Union Assembly Joints are as follows:

(A). Nipple (Part 1) (Part 4) (Part 7): Rotates on 2 rows of chrome alloy steel balls to ensure ease of rotation under severe thrust and radial loads.

(B). Lock Bar: Locks assembly of part 2 to part 3. Removal of lock bar allows holding nut to be rotated to (1) take-up on packing in increments of .005 or (2) Remove assembly of parts 1 and 2 from body for repacking.

(C). Nut (Part 2): Provides half of bearing race and utility of (1) Providing initial compression on packing, (2) Take-up on worn packing, and (3) Quick disassembly for repacking. Ball races of 6,000 PSI and 15,000 PSI series are hardened to 42 to 58 Rockwell C scale, for maximum strength and wear.

(D). Ball Plugs: Retain ball bearings in races. Assembly of parts 1 and 2 is made at factory and need not be disassembled to repack the swivel joint. T M Swivel Joints can be repacked without handling the ball bearings.

(E). Grease Plug: Hole is tapped to receive Alemite fitting, but since T M Swivel Joints usually do not require lubrication until repacked, a flush set screw is inserted at factory.

(F). Ball Bearings: Hardened chrome alloy steel ball bearings are furnished as standard. Optional material: stainless steel.

(G). "O" Rings: Act as grease seals to (1) Seal grease in assembly to insure proper lubrication of bearings, (2) Seal against grit and dirt from outside sources, and (3) Seal bearings against line contaminants. Standard material is Buna-N. Optional materials: Silicone, Teflon®, Viton®.

(H). Back-up Rings (Part 8): Furnished in similar metal to part 1 to back up packing and act as outboard bearing during severe radial loads. Optional materials: Aluminum, stainless steel, Teflon®.

(J). Chevrons: The most effective packing design known, used in standard JIC and AN-6225 sizes in Buna-N. Optional materials: Teflon®, Viton®, and Aramid Fiber®.

(K). Male Adapter: Acts as wedge to expand chevron packing and effect seal. Furnished in Buna-N as standard, but may be furnished in aluminum, steel, stainless steel, Aramid Fiber®, Viton®, or Teflon®.

(L). Body (Part 3) (Part5) (Part6) (Part7): Parts 3, 5, 6, and 7 are changed in configuration to provide eight different styles.

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