T M Industries, Incorporated is a manufacturing facility centered in Silicon Valley. We have concentrated our capabilities in the turning, milling and fabrication of component parts for the medical, semi-conductor, aerospace and military establishments.

Providing engineering, design and manufacturing expertise enables our customers to achieve quality and cost effective products. All manufactured items produced are inspected in our QA department prior to shipment.

Our CNC mill department can produce parts from fractions of an inch in size and ounces in weight to 60 x 45 x 30 and 8,000 pounds. Tolerances in the tenths are achieved.

In addition to our machine shop, we have a QA department, Assembly department, and Welding department.

QA department is located in a temperature and humidity controlled room.The lead inspector has many years of experience and is well versed in the operation of our computer controlled Sheffield Apollo II Cordex CMM. Part Capacity on the CMM is 60 (x), 60 (y) and 48 (z), with a positional accuracy of .0003 inch.

The assembly department is divided into two areas. The first area assembles T Ms product line of swivel joints.These are rotary pipe unions varying is size from 3/8 inch pipe to 24 inch pipe. The second assembly area is housed in an air-conditioned room where assemblies or sub-assemblies are produced to customer specifications and, if required, tested and certified to specifications.

The welding department is staffed by certified welders. They are able to produce welded assemblies for subsequent machining or to be sent directly to the customer after QA inspection.

T M's engineering department is fully staffed to produce products, tooling, fixtures and machine programs to fulfill every customer requirement. Additionally, design engineers are available to assist with special product needs.

T M Industries, Inc. 1085 Di Giulio Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050
Tel: (408) 736-5202 - Fax: (408) 736-3743